The Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo was founded in 1949. Six decades have passed since the founding of the study of architecture, ie today’s Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo. Sixty generations of students have opted for this creative and humane vocation and have embarked on various life paths. There were major and minor changes, changes in the socio-economic situation, transformations of the teaching process, changes in legislation, changes in teaching staff and working conditions, but always tried to maintain a quality profile and competence of the student or future architect. The results and affirmation of this higher education and educational institution in the social value system are best illustrated by the results and affirmation achieved and achieved by its teaching staff, over 4,500 graduate architects, as well as current students. Specific program contents related to the multicultural climate and elements of the existing culture, artistic and architectural heritage, housing tradition, attitude towards nature, neighborhood and organization of settlements, were manifested in the characteristic “Sarajevo School of Architecture”. Generations of students were educated in nurturing traditional values, who were able to transpose their affinity into a modern architectural expression and thus affirm their creativity and the faculty they attended. The curriculum and curriculum of the Faculty, to the greatest extent, is compatible with most European faculties of the same orientation. The Faculty of Architecture traditionally has regular cooperation with certain faculties in the world, as well as the exchange of teaching and student staff and research processes. In January 2009, a new Law on Higher Education was adopted, which envisages a changed organization of the work of the University so that the Faculty of Architecture becomes an organizational unit of the integrated University of Sarajevo. The Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, with the address of Patriotske lige 30., is registered to perform the following activities:

  • Organizing and conducting undergraduate studies, scientific and professional field of architecture and urbanism,
  • Organizing and conducting postgraduate scientific and specialist studies in the scientific field of architecture and urbanism,
  • Scientific research work in the scientific field of architecture and urbanism,
  • Nostrification and equivalence of foreign certificates and diplomas,
  • Expertise,
  • Publishing of professional journals in the field of technical sciences, scientific field of architecture and urbanism, as well as editions, books, monographs, textbooks, scripts, bulletins, publications in the field,
  • Library and publishing activities for the needs of teaching, scientific, scientific-research and professional work,
  • Professional activity in the field of architecture, investment-technical documentation, projects and studies of landscape architecture, urban and spatial plans and other projects and studies in the field of architecture and urbanism, protection and improvement of the human environment for highly professional and complex programs


… From the field of construction in Sarajevo dates back to 1889, when the Secondary Technical School in Sarajevo was formed. This school, with eminent staff and quality curriculum, has produced a number of successful technicians, who made a great contribution during the construction of cities and settlements throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Austro-Hungarian period, during the reconstruction of the country after two World Wars and later. Experience in the field of construction in our cultural environment has accumulated over time, and the logical sequence of events was the establishment of the Department of Architecture of the Technical Faculty of the University of Sarajevo. The successful establishment of the Technical Faculty would not be possible without the help of the wider community, and more developed cultural centers and previously established faculties from Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana.


The establishment of the Technical Faculty in Sarajevo with two departments – Architectural and Civil Engineering was announced in the Official Gazette of the People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 21, 1949 (the full text in pdf format can be viewed at the link below).

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